(All services are on location unless otherwise noted.)

Aeriel Photography

Looking for a new perspective?

Get an aerial photo of your house at the beach, farm, residence, commercial property or an aerial of your favorite fishing spots in Tillamook, Netarts, or Nahalem bays.

Family Portraits & Reunions

Many times I have heard a grandma say, "We haven't been together for 20 years." Well, get special family reunion pictures on the beach at Rockaway Beach or any other location of your choice. Photo sessions usually take 1 - 1 1/2 hours. It's not just a 'photo shoot' but it's a fun outing for the whole family. Sessions include photos of each family, as well as large group images and 'casual' pictures as well.

High School Senior Portraits

The importance of good senior portraits is priceless!!! They are a keepsake for years to come and represent a milestone of achievement in your life.


What can I say? When you ask for the best, you get the Best.

...Photography that is.

Sessions include not only the wedding and reception, but the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner as well.

Special Event

Bar & Bat Mitzva's (Actually, I've never shot them before but I needed something to put in this section.) How about...

Birthday Parties, Graduations, Fishing and Hunting Trophies, Babies, ah...

honeymoons...on second thought... no, not that. Retirement parties, Fairs, Rodeos, Parades and any other 'what-evers' you can think of.

Digital Darkroom Services

Photographic Enhancements & Restorations

Scan, crop, enlarge or enhance your pictures from prints, negatives, slides or digital files using the latest digital techniques. Digital manipulations include removing unwanted objects, people, backgrounds, or scratches to making black & white or sepia tone images. Other services available include, reducing or removing wrinkles, age spots, or any blemishes on facial features, preparing images for cards, brochures, websites, antique photo enhancement and repair.


Any business related imaging.

Real Estate, Construction, Developments


Dedications, Ceremonies, Civic Functions, Floods, Fires, Wind Damages, or any other events requiring professional quality digital imaging.